CT600 Dual Motor Controller

CT600 Dual Motor Controller


This series of products can convert the high-voltage power of the power battery in the car into low-voltage 12V for the power supply of the low-voltage system of the vehicle, which adopts advanced control technology and covers wide power range such as 1~3KW with an efficiency of over 95%. Meanwhile, this product has a compact structure, high power density, and flexible installation. It is widely used in electric passenger vehicles, electric commercial vehicles and other fields.


The special motor control mechanism for hybridandDC/DC. lt has two-way power distribution andwater pump control functions. Low voltage controlsupports 12Vand 24Vat the same time. The shellis designed with aluminum die casting die, whichhas the characteristics ofsmall volume, convenientinstallation and strong applicability; Productintegration design reduces package shell andwire harness components and improves electricalconnection reliability.

重量 14 公斤
尺寸 41.5 × 30.4 × 14.5 厘米




Output power




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