PEU2.1 Motor Controller

PEU-(MCU+OBC+DCDC+PDU) Motor Controller


Model: PEU2.1
High voltage drive integrated unt (PEU) is acontroller developed for pure electnic passenger vehicle, which integrates motor driver (MCU),integrated power supply unit (lPU) and high voltage distribution module; The integrated design can reduce the number of package shell and wiring hamess components, mprove the reliability of electrical connection, the system structure is simple, easy to install, which is conducive to vehicle layout and assembly, and has hight economic benefits.

重量 20 公斤
尺寸 44.7 × 36.5 × 12.7 厘米


Power distribution

Provide high voltage distnbution and safety circuit for PTC,air conditioner, lPU,etc

Rated Capacity




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