MIPC1000-80T Charging Module

MIPC1000-80T 20KW Charging Module


Widely used in charging fields such as electric vehicles and construction machinery vehicles


Ultra-wide output voltage range, full digital control, super protection measures, unique automatic paint dipping process, special protection for key device pins; built-in bleeder circuit, anti-reverse diode, saving the space of the whole pile and simplifying the complexity of the system. Support software grouping, one CAN controls multiple outputs; input over voltage/under voltage protection, output over current/short circuit protection, overheat protection.

High Reliability
Exclusive dipping process and strengthened protection process greatly prolongs the life of the module
Quality Control
The MES system can easily realize the whole life cycle monitoring of products, and the ultimate cost-effective feature can ensure the returnon investment of customers
Ultra Wide OutputVoltage Range
Fully meet the charging needs of lithium batteries, widely used in various charging fields

重量 10.3 公斤
尺寸 24.8 × 8.4 × 46 厘米

248x84x460mm(W*H*D handle excluded)



Output power




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